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Akaitcho Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation

The Akaitcho Dene are located north, east and south of Tucho (Great Slave Lake).

Prior to the making of Treaty in 1900 with the British Crown, there were 26 villages from Enodah to Reliance and a further 23 villages on the south side of Tucho.

Due to the epidemics, the Akaitcho Dene numbers were reduced. The survivors grouped together in Dettah, Enodah, Ndilo, Lutsel K’e, Reliance and Deninu Kue.

The name Akaitcho is taken from a Chief who controlled the vast territory from present day provinces of Saskatchewan andAlberta to the Barren Lands to Great Bear Lake.

Akaitcho in the Dene Language means: “Big Foot”.
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