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Akaitcho Today
Akaitcho (pronounced "Ah-kay-choe") was the leader of the Yellowknives Dene.

In the summer of 1820, he led Sir John Franklin and his crew to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. A few years later, he again encountered Franklin and his crew and is credited with saving the expedition from starvation.

In 1823, with the help of his brother Kawtaywhe (pronounced "Kaw-tay-whee"), he arrived at a peace treaty with Chief Edzo of the neighbouring Tli Cho (pronounced "Tuhlee-choe"), with whom his people had been warring. This peace treaty resulted in intermarriages between the two distinct linguistic and cultural groups.

He died in 1838 and is rumoured to have been buried on an island near the mouth of the Weledeh (now Yellowknife) River.

Akaitcho was well-known for his many travels, leadership and survival skills. In his honour, the Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation and surrounding territory were named after him.
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