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Akaitcho Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation

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the ancestors of the Akaitcho DFN entered into Treaty #8 with the understanding that it was for as long as the sun shines, the rivers flow and the grass grows;


Section 35(1) of the Constitution Act, 1982 states that “the existing Aboriginal and treaty rights of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada are hereby recognized and affirmed”;


the Government of Canada recognizes the inherent right of self-government as an existing Aboriginal Right under section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982;


Canada has an evolving relationship with the Akaitcho DFN;

NOW THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:


1.1 In this framework agreement,

“Akaitcho agreement-in-principle”(AIP) means the collection of provisions to be initialed by the chief negotiators as set out in 8.1 and accepted and signed by the parties' principals as set out in 8.2;

“Akaitcho agreement” means the agreement to be signed and approved by the parties at the end of the process as set out in section 6;

“Akaitcho territory” means the traditional and current land use as asserted by the Akaitcho DFN and as shown on the map attached as Appendix “A”;

“chief negotiator” means the person designated by each party to negotiate the Akaitcho agreement on their behalf;

“parties” means the parties to this framework agreement who are the Akaitcho DFN, Canada, and the GNWT.
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