Interim Measures Agreement

Akaitcho Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation

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In concluding this Interim Measures Agreement (hereinafter "this Agreement"), the Parties acknowledge the following principles that are the foundations of this Agreement:


1.1 Canada and the GNWT acknowledge that the Akaitcho DFN asserted their traditional territory in a map attached to the Framework Agreement.


1.2 The Akaitcho DFN have their own internal processes for determining the use of lands and water.


1.3 Canada and the GNWT have passed statutes and regulations relating to the occupation, use and disposition of land and resources which contain application mechanisms for various licences, permits, land leases and transfers.


1.4 The Akaitcho DFN agree to set up a process to pre-screen applications in a manner described in the Schedules to this Agreement.


1.5 The Parties anticipate that resources will be required to allow the Akaitcho DFN to implement a pre-screening process.


1.6 The pre-screening process, more fully described in the Schedules, will work as follows:


a) The Akaitcho DFN will have the earliest possible notice of applications for various licences, permits, land leases and transfers;


b) Canada and the GNWT will take steps to provide the Akaitcho DFN the available information necessary in order for the Akaitcho DFN to respond; and


c) The Akaitcho DFN will base their comments on the following grounds:


i) Environmental;

ii) Cultural;

iii) Spiritual; and

iv) Economic.

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