Milestones for the Akaitcho Dene

Akaitcho Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation

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In March 2001, Akaitcho, Canada and the GNWT entered into an Interim Measures Agreement (IMA) to deal with the issue of permitting and licensing within Akaitcho Territory. There are a number of schedules attached to the IMA on the process.

     Cornerstone Workshops

     Interim Measures Agreement and Land Workshop (Jan 2001)

     Interim Measures (Feb 2001)

     Lands Workshop (Mar 2001)

     Taxation and Governance Workshop (Mar 2001)

    Treaty Workshop (Apr 2001)

     Economic Measures and Compensation (May 2001)

     Interim Measures

     Policy and Procedure Manual for Pre-Screening

     Training Sessions with First Nations

     Written Policy Directions

     Akaitcho conducted a 5 year review and evaluation of the IMA

     As a result of the 5 year review, Akaitcho developed an Akaitcho Screening Board

    Drafting and adopting an exploration agreement

     Drafting and adopting of a quarrying agreement

    Results of 5 year review to develop communications strategy

     Development of communications materials related to IMA and PDAC conference in Toronto




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