Milestones for the Akaitcho Dene

Akaitcho Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation

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Akaitcho Today
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About Us

      Completion of Schedules to Interim Measures Agreement

     Territorial Parks

    Forest Management

    Surface Federal Crown Lands

     Land Use Permits

    Commissioners Lands

    Water Licenses

Exchange of Draft Schedules to Interim Measures Agreement

     Travel and Tourism


     National Parks (on hold) Thaydene Nene Working Group

      Drafting Protocol

      Preliminary Discussions relating to drafting Chapters

     Treaty                                                             - Compensation

     Non-Renewable Resources (Sept 2001)             - Dispute Resolution

     Renewable Resources (Oct and Nov 2001)         - Taxation

    Cultural and Heritage Rights                              - Co-Existence Lands

     Implementation                                                - Dene Title Lands

     Plants                                                              - Governance

     Harvesting of Renewable Resources                    - Consultation

     Ecological Marine Conservation Zone                   - Communications

     Wildlife Harvesting Compensation

     Resolution of Tlicho Nation Boundary Issues

     Negotiation of Drygeese-Mowhi Shared Use Area Boundary

    Amendments of Tlicho Agreement with Tlicho, Canada and GNWT

     Shared Understanding on Lands Paper        

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