Milestones for the Akaitcho Dene

Akaitcho Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation

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      •      Plain Language text on Eligibility

•     Lands Working Group Protocol

•      Lands – negotiated a Federal withdrawal and prepared an Order-in-Council

•    Lands – negotiated an interim withdrawal of Commissioner’s lands within City of Yellowknife

•    Drafted an approach on prospecting permits achieving a plain language text

•    Drafting an approach to deal with quarrying permits achieving a plain language text

•    Creation of Thaydene Nene Working Group to carry out necessary technical studies under Parks and Lutsel K’e direction preparatory to park creation

•    Training and implementation of an Akaitcho Lands Working Group

•    Tabling of a map by Akaitcho Dene describing the Akaitcho Dene interest for an interim withdrawal for disposition     

•    Tabling of Federal presentation on the potential elements of an Akaitcho Agreement

•    Tabling of territorial presentation of approaches to an Akaitcho Agreement

•    Agreement on dealing with Prospecting permits in Akaitcho Territory for 2006/2007/2008 season

•    Communication Strategy

•    MOU on Flexible Arrangements

•    Withdrawal of Commissioner Lands within the City of Yellowknife, signed September 13, 2006 – 1034 hectares of land included in the withdrawal. 

•    Exploration Agreement


Canada and the Akaitcho Dene First Nations are negotiating a lands, resources and governance agreement. As part of the process, Canada will be withdrawing, on an interim basis, a portion of lands in the Akaitcho Territory from further disposition pursuant to s.23 of the Territorial Lands Act. Prospecting Permits will not be issued for the portions of the Akaitcho Territory that are to be withdrawn.



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