History of the Weledeh and Akaitcho Region

Akaitcho Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation

Who entered Into Treaty?
It was the descendents of Akaitcho who came together in Deninu Kue in July 1900 to talk to the Treaty Commissioner sent by the Crown.

Prior to the meeting with the Treaty Commissioner, the Dene met amongst themselves to pick a spokesperson. They choose a Chief from the Weledeh (Yellowknives Dene) named Emil Drygeese. As the principle spokesman, he negotiated and concluded the Treaty with the British Crown thus bring Akaitcho’s Territory into Treaty.

The significance of having a Chief from the Weledeh area was this area was across Tucho on the north side.

The Canadian maps put the treaty line on the south side of the lake along the shore line.

With Chief Drygeese as the principle spokesperson, it is clear that the Treaty included lands on the north and to the east of the Tucho.
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