History of the Weledeh and Akaitcho Region

Akaitcho Treaty 8 Tribal Corporation

What Happened Next?
Following the decision by Canada to stop negotiating under a large umbrella group, the government decided to negotiate in small groups.

The first to agree with Canada was the Gwich’in followed by the Sahtu. Then, the Tlicho agreed to enter into negotiations with Canada. For a few short years in the early 1990’s, the Akaitcho Dene looked at the possibility of a Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE). However, the TLE process was too limited for the Yellowknives Dene, Deninu Kue and Lutsel K’e. Fort Smith and Fort Fitzgerald continued to negotiate TLE agreements concluding them in 1998 and 1999, respectively.

In 1995, the federal government asked First Nations across the country to come up with proposals to settle outstanding treaty issues. The Akaitcho Dene presented their paper: Implementing Co-existence in Akaitcho Territory in May 1995. It took until July 25, 2000 to find a Framework Agreement. Prior to signing the framework agreement, the Akaitcho Dene negotiated a Political Accord with the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT).

This Accord was to ensure that when Treaty issues were being discussed between Canada and the Dene, the GNWT would become an observer to those negotiations.
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